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About Tru-Tain

Tru-Tain Orthodontic and Dental Supply started business in 1975. The founding of this family-owned business began with a new type of orthodontic retainer. The Tru-Tain retainer was developed over a three year clinical testing period (1973-1975) by Dr. Lloyd H. Truax of Rochester, Minnesota. During this time, over 1500 retainers were placed. Various types of materials, thicknesses, shapes and amounts of coverage were used to develop a retainer with the following qualities: nearly invisible; durable, stable retention and has FDA approved material.

The Tru-Tain retainer is comfortable, more esthetic, faster to fabricate, less expensive and retains better than any other retainer.

Very little pressure is needed to either move or retain the positions of teeth. The Tru-Tain retainer is very thin, yet strong enough to maintain adequate pressure, while not encroaching on the freeway space. Minor tooth movements of teeth may be made by altering positions of teeth before making the retainer. This thin plastic is flexible, which is necessary to produce minor tooth movements. The present material and design of the Tru-Tain retainer has been used for over 30 years.

These were the early beginnings of Tru-Tain, Inc. The company now markets and sells many different kinds of thermoplastics to make orthodontic and dental appliances which include retainers, splints, niteguards, bleach trays and more. We also feature several types of vacuum forming machines to fabricate the various appliances. Other items that we offer are retainer and appliance cases in several sizes and multiple colors. Tru-Tain Orthodontic and Dental Supply is also involved in giving seminars with TC Ortho Lab and Dr. Lloyd H. Truax on tooth guidance, treatment timing and interceptive orthodontics. We have three patents on removable ortho appliances to easily treat Class II and Class III malocclusions. For further information please contact us.

Tru-Tain offers a complete line of thermoforming plastics for all your appliance needs. As mentioned above they include, materials for making retainers, splints, niteguards, bleaching trays and athletic mouthguards. We feature Pro-Form laminate system. These materials are cross layered and injection molded for strength and are available in multiple colors to match school or team colors. Pro-Form Niteguard laminates and Dual hard/soft splints offer your bruxism patients the best protection. All plastics are available in 5 inch x 5 inch squares to fit any vacuum machine as well as 120mm and 125mm rounds to fit pressure machines.

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