Dental Thermoforming Supplies

Tru-Tain produces a complete line of dental thermoforming supplies, including thermal plastics and laminates, vacuformers, crown contours, and accessories. Whether you’re developing sports guards, splints, night guards, or other materials for your clients, we have what you need. We carry thermal plastics in multiple colors for mouthguard creation and duplication, coping materials for temporary bridges and crowns, and numerous other base and tray materials. Our catalog of dental thermoforming supplies also includes our Tru-Form vacuum machines to create all the aforementioned dental materials. Our own vacuformer is built with a powerful vacuum motor for stronger suction and corrugated vacuum plate for increased airflow. Browse all our dental thermoforming equipment below.

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  • Base Plate Material

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  • Micro Torch

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  • Microtorch

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  • Pro-Vac

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  • wheel saw

    Wheel Saw (WS)

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  • cooling spray

    T & S Insta Cool™ (IC)

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  • silicone mold spray

    Silicone Lubricant (SL)

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  • Scotch finishing brushes

    Scotch Finishing Brushes (FW 1.25)

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  • Pro-form electric knife

    Pro-Form Electric Heat Knife (PFEK) (9144730)

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  • procedure block out

    ProCure Block Out Material (PCBO) (9637020)

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  • dynamic duo heat knife

    Dynamic Duo

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  • crown & bridge scissors

    Crown & Bridge Scissors (CBS)

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  • molding materials

    Block Out Compound

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  • Machine III

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  • dental forming materials

    Tru-Tain DX Aligner/Retainer Material

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  • dental splint material

    Surgical Splint Materials – A Variety of Thicknesses Available

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